General Data Protection Regulation

The law on personal data management, GDPR, include high demands on when, where, how and why a company may save and handle personal data. As personal data, everything that allows an individual to be identified, such as name, address, phone number, email address, face photos and so on, counts. The act also requires that every individual quickly and easily can find out what information companies are storing. In addition, the law requires companies to delete the personal data that one individual wishes to delete unless prompted by other laws, such as the Accounting Act, without delay

Bengtsson Design follows the GDPR and is careful to handle all personal data with caution. Bengtsson Design collects only the personal data needed to fulfill our commitments, regardless of whether they concern customers, suppliers or partners. No personal data is shared with any other party unless required by law or requested by an authority entitled to access them.

Welcome to contact us if:

  • you wish to know more about how we handle personal information
  • you wish to know if and if so, what information about you we handle
  • you wish us to delete information about you